Thursday, 31 July 2014

Go Beyond your Limitations and Try Scuba Diving!

I have received mixed reactions from people when I talked about scuba diving. Few people are very much scared and give it a big no while there are people who love this activity more than anything and have aimed to try it at every spot famous for diving. Either people love it or they hate it. And for few despite loving this activity, they don’t have courage to try it out. Few people say they definitely love this activity but they are afraid of sea snakes and other such species found underwater that could hurt them. 

Scuba divinginstructor Thailand

Experiencing aquatic life is not everyone’s cup of tea, says Scuba divinginstructor Thailand who has more than 10 years of experience as a professional scuba diving trainer. Sharing the views of 10 years of extensive experience, he said that many people, belonging to different age and profession came to him and gave him a good time. He explained different stances and said that, “A 19 year old girl was afraid of reptiles and all the creepy kind of species found in water but she was excited to try scuba diving. In another case, wearing mask was problematic and the girl had water phobia but eager about diving.” He explained that it was interesting to live and overcome with fears and experience the thrill of diving of people. 

When I was trying it for the first time, I was asking myself many questions that why I was going to try this insane activity which is nothing but full of risks. Going 12m deep was good depth and I was trying hard not to panic. There, I listened to my trainer that only a handful of people experience the excitement of underwater and I was one lucky person. Keeping this in mind, I took my first dive. Suddenly world went silent and I was keenly observing things around me in green world.  


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